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Khinnanauli is arranged amidst Khinnanauli chaur, this woodland hotel is an amazing tiger domain. It is one of most as of late fabricated gaining strength homes Corbett. Its key site offers a simple getaway to the different parts of the recreation center. This Khinnanauli Forest rest house is a superior spot to observe the characteristic vegetation close to Jim Corbett National Park. Khinnanauli’s perfect location provides an easy getaway to all parts of the corbett Park. There are several forest rest houses which are situated inside the Jim Corbett National Park, These rest houses are maintained and operated by the forest department & provides accomodation for wildlife lovers & tourists. This place has a large population of tigers, tigers living in here are kept under proper supervision from the outside people as the number of tigers was decreasing because of improper supervision earlier, this is a paradise for all the tigers living in Khinnanauli.
Khinnanauli is the VVIP guest house in Dhikala zone of corbett national park overlooking thr grassland. Its easy approach to most of the main safari areas is what makes its location unique. It is approximately 26 kms from Dhangarhi gate on the way to Dhikala forest rest house.
Located amidst Khinnauli chaur, the Khinnanauli forest lodge is a wonderful tiger domain. From here, visitors can access different parts of the recreation centre. Staying at Khinnauli forest lodge will offer visitors a substantial view of the rich vegetation growing close to the Corbett national park. The location of the lodge makes most parts of the national park easily accessible.
The Jim Corbett National Park is divided into six different zones and there are many forest rest houses spread across these zones where people can opt for overnight stays. The Jhirna forest lodge, Dhela forest rest house, etc are all maintained by the forest department of the park. The Khinnauli area has a large population of tigers and they are kept under strict observance so that the outside people cannot disturb them.


There are 3 double rooms in Khinnanauli forest rest house. All the rooms are spacious and very well ventilated. The Campus also has lot of sitting space to sit and relax in the evenings. Khinnanauli is mostly reserved for departmental guests and is rarely available to general tourists.

Rooms specification

All the rooms at dhikala forest rest house are basic and there are no TV’s, AC’s. Though rooms have electricity points to charge your cameras and mobile. Rooms of same category can differ in size and space.


It provides a kitchen facility with a room attendent. Visitors have to bring the raw ration with them which can be cooked in the kitchen facility.


When you stay at the Khinnanauli forest lodge, you can easily go for the jeep safari and elephant safari in the park or access other popular zones. For jeep safari, prior booking is mandatory for the stay at the lodge. For the lodge booking, please contact the forest department within the Corbett national park.


Khinnanauli forest rest house is covered with solar wire fencing.


All rooms in khinnanauli have attached washrooms with running hot and cold water .
The Khinnanauli forest lodge has three rooms which are airy and spacious enough for a comfortable stay. Each room comes with an attached bathroom with running hot and cold water facility. There is plenty of open space in the lodge campus for people to sit and relax in the evenings.

Best Time to Visit

The forest lodge is open throughout the year and is therefore accessible at any time. There may also be modifications in the timings, so you must confirm the timing through the Jim Corbett National Park authorities. If you are thinking of choosing the most suitable time to visit Khinnanauli Forest Range, then you may visit at any time between November 15 to June 15.

How to Reach

Sarapduli forest lodge is situated deep inside the Corbett National Park. It is 13 kms away from Dhikala forest lodge.