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Jim Corbett National Park is very famous wildlife sanctuary of India situated in the northern state of Uttarakhand. It is huge in area and its areas also have been used wisely as it is reserved for many big animals, including leopards, tigers, elephants, and others. This place poses healthy flora and fauna and is mostly known for Bengal Tigers. This place is visited by desert safari lovers, travelers, camp lovers every year in huge amount. It has spiritual spots, small local wooden cafes, small waterfalls and peaceful surroundings with melodies of nature thus making it perfect for camping. Make your Camping more memorable with TravelTriangle’s Jim Corbett camping packages. There is always a need for a little break from a busy life. Don't miss this opportunity, here are some of the great joys of camping -

Activities to Indulge in While Camping


Whenever you are out camping at Jim Corbett, you can enjoy the Sunbath. In the bustle of life, we often leave nature’s values behind. Camping is a great adventure that serves you with the best times for sunbath. This is a great time to grab Vitamin D and make your bones strong. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen.


Like many other activities of camping, a bonfire is the prime one to opt for. Make a bonfire and sir around the same. This single activity is itself a bouquet of activities, as you can play ‘Antakshari’ and along with the same, keep grilling your eatables in the bonfire. Such a facility is easily available at the accommodation options in Jim Corbett.


Camping is worth to enjoy near to nature and so, this is a great time to celebrate yourself. Yoga and meditation are great ways to pamper yourself and to cheer the health naturally. Here, you are going to enjoy the fresh air and so your breath will be more comfortable. Absorb the clean air of the sense forests while enjoying a vacation with Jim Corbett camping packages and indulge in relaxing meditation sessions.

Stars Watching

A place like Jim Corbett is located in the dense reserve of forests where one can enjoy clear skies at most of the times during the day and night. This is when one can indulge in star gazing. Watch the stars shine bright. You can click star trails and create beautiful photographs. This is a good time for the astronomy lovers as well as they get to relax and observe the many constellations of stars in the night sky.

Rope Swing

Camping is great fun when you are in a group and if you are in those lucky ones, who are traveling here in troops, Rope Swing is great fun. You can either carry them along with or create one there on a prompt basis. Start swinging and talk with the undulating waves of air. You can experience such activities at Jim Corbett.

River Side Lawn Camping

River Side Lawn Camping is different and has its own benefits. Choosing a camping place is rather more important and difficult than actual camping because a good place can make you forget about everything else in the world. Just imagine a riverside at one end and jungle on the other side. If you get a place like this, it will definitely be the best ever camping experience of your life. A fire resistant and water resistant tent given by Solluna is an added advantage. We maintain all the safety measure and take full care of every visitor in order to give them a wonderful River Side Lawn Camping experience.
So for a fresh change, stay calm and see the amazing brain and body benefits of River Side Lawn Camping in Solluna. Come with us to feel the inner peace and ultimate experience of River Side Lawn Camping without disturbing the natural habitat of Jim Corbett.
Enjoy an elite & romantic setup on the banks of the river Ramganga with live guitarist playing songs of your choice. Take pleasure of mouth-watering BBQ snacks prepared live by our chef. Be prepared to spend some quality time with your partner in bonfire lit evening under the star studded sky.

Best Time to Explore

Jim Corbett National Park is famous all across the world and every year a huge number of wildlife conservationist, explorers, travelers, Camp lovers, Safari lovers, Botanist, Zoologist and many more visits here. To visit this place, you can visit any time you want throughout the year but from the month of November to February is said to be the best time. Winters freezing you but with pleasant weather, you can see most of the animals as many zones are opened.


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Jim Corbett Camping

Corbett National Park is the best way to enjoy your vacation in between wildlife and a pollution-free environment. Camping in Jim Corbett National Park offers you a chance to witness beautiful views with some beautiful birds and wild animals.

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